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Well today I just killed another Brat from Hank’s Haute Dog. Super stoked. Reading the articles on the wall i find out they trying to make a Waikiki store(good so less people go to the Cooke St. one). Also starting to get hooked on their truffle mac and cheese. Found out that the recipe came from one of Hank Andaniya’s previouse 5 star restaurant from before in Chicago. 5 STAR MAC & CHEESE BITCHES!!!! I’m going again on Sunday before Jimmy Taco’s Record Sale right around the corner from Hank’s.

Also read from Lei Chic that today from 5-8pm all you Kaneohe peeps can get a free corn dog from hot dog on a stick in Windward Mall. Bastards. You live in Kaneohe AND have the only HotDog On a Stick. If you don’t get a free one you can get the finger……the middle!

All you other people soothe your hot dog cravings at Costco if you can’t make it to Hank’s or HDOAS.

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