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Man i got an addiction to her for sure. Maybe that’s why I watched them ER episodes. Maybe that’s why I got 2 copies of Mulan AND Mulan 2(but then again the first Mulan was a dope movie and I love Chinese things). Anywho I was watching my favorite Japanese Cooking challange show DOTCH on KIKU(Mondays foolios….WAY BETTER THAN IRON CHEF OR THE CRAPPY CHALLENGES FOOD NETWORK DOING…WHO CARES ABOUT SUGAR SHOW PIECES! DOTCH!) and I missed half of the show cus she was on an episode of 2 and a half men(and it was a rerun!). Priorities? Maybe. I gotta give it up to my Chinese great great great great great great great grandfathers for inventing the dopest shit in town. And you gotta agree. They invented Fireworks, gunpowder, chow fun, MANAPUAS, Lion dancing, Shaolin Kung Fu, the great wall, all your toys, and HOT CHICKS! And man Ming Na is OLD too! She got a kid. She’s a real COUGAR! Move out the way Kim Cattrall. Sex in the City my ass! Sex in the rice patty!

sidenote: after posting this and scrolling down my blog 2 things i noticed. #1-Nick Diaz pic still pisses me off. #2 This post PROVES I’m not gay. Now i wonder if gay people like Ming Na like they love Cher or Madonna??? Things that make you go hmmm…….

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