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As somebody told me “they aren’t famous or anything”, either way I think Yuri AND Jia are HOT! And shit I aint doing nothing so I decided to go to the 50th state fair. With the promise of founder Arnel (whattup homie!) getting me and the Prototype crew backstage we all met up at the Giant Wheel. But after 6 hours of playing games, drinking expensive soda, trapeze shows, a petting zoo, and trying to not be funky smelling all day I had to submit to not seeing them. With at least 3000 people trying to just get to watch them in two shows and another 5000 just trying to get into the fair i tapped out and headed home. Upon arriving home i get the fone call that they wanted to chill at zanzabar. I thought about it twice but decided to stay home. Hopefully I can pull some connects with upcoming Castle performance and other stuff they rocking with hot 93.9 or maybe my homies from Hypersquad *hint hint wink wink* will help me get the elusive Lofa & Yuri, Lofa & Jia, and Lofa & Cindy pic to post on here. A few sidenotes or random thoughts from 50th state fair.

*I had more fun working at the fairs back in high school/college than being there (Hi Val! Poli!)
*Yeah there was hot chicks but the ratios suck. Hot chicks don’t really like the fair.
*Hawaiians love Kaba Modern and Pig Races- 4 Pig races a day and every one was packed!
*Its still hard to not want to win a 2 liter pepsi or a baby lobster. Yeah they cost $.60 but people still down to throw $10 to just walk around the fair. Kinda like hawaiian bracelets on girls. Status!
*Corn is never worth $4 on sale
*Laulau always smells good.
*Only teens can mack girls at the fair. And where do they get $50 to blow? Somebody stole from their moms purse!

that’s all with love, me. PS. new issue of 808Scenezine is out now or online at

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