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Well due to the lack of water in my house to wash clothes monday and the lack of tv to watch i decided to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshal for the 3rd time at the theatres(2 at the dollar movies and I might watch again till the dvd comes out). While killing 2 hours I actually walked around Restaurant Row. There’s few restaurants in the row let alone OPEN ones. But Hokulani Bakery was actually open. They open till 7pm most days. Nice. Just two people running the bake spot. Well I actually wanted to try a Red Velvet cupcake to see if I actually like it. But they were out. Had a chocolate cupcake with vanilla butter cream frosting. Was pretty dope. Made with Guitard(sp?) chocolate. Tasted good. Frosting kicks ass. But hella pinner and for $2 I had to think if it was worth it. I mean i can get a box of cake mix for $1 on sale and have 20 cupcakes. But they were good and made from scratch. But not that great that I would go out of my way for it. But I would for a brat from Hank’s Haute Dog!!!!! Shit i should sneak them brats to the movie. I got shitty service from the movies. They wouldn’t let me buy a ticket to a movie that already started and wanted to play games but they don’t let you go untill 30 minutes before the movie. I bought a ticket to another movie and that movie wasn’t ready to go and they STILL tried to make me stay outside. I know I’m paying a buck for a movie but SOME customer service still deserved!

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