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(*note-that’s not a new Kaba Modern guy, that’s Danny sidebusting my pic! HAHAHA Shout out to Arnel!)

HOORAY THERE’S PART 2 TO MY STORY! First I gotta say I’m getting way better at keeping secrets. I get a call from Danny @ Prototype that Kaba Modern has to do a signing at some store at Pearlridge and wanted to go shopping after hours in the store. I’m super stoked. I asked if I could tell Christina from Exclusive/iKandy if she could come too, hook up the chicks with some iKandy, take a pic. So only me and her and Danny and another worker at Prototype knew. Oh I wanted to tell the world but didn’t want the crowds so I told NOBODY! After going to my weekly small group/cell/powerhuddle/bible study/homie meet up I headed over to Pearlridge at 8:40pm. The store that Kaba had to do stuff with was packed. Lines running all over the mall waiting to meet and greet with them. I wanted to stand in line but i decided to have faith in my connect and opted not too. But then seeing everyone with their signed pics of the crew made me nervous. I kinda wanted one and still do. Anywho the mall closed at 9pm. 9:30 just having fun racing the new Shake a Tongue cars from kid robot placing mad bets. 10:00 we start wondering if no deals. 10:30 some of the guys leave including Christina(loose money!). 10:45 we all decide we should take the loss. But just then we get a phone call asking how to get in the mall. Two SUV’s pull up (they rolling like the Sopranos, or P.Diddy, HAHAHAHA) but they came! OH JOY! After a shopping session and small chitchat they headed out the store. Took their pics. Off they went. Super cool guys. Yeah the chicks are dope. Yeah they can dance like a mofo! If you get the chance go check them out. Say hi. AND BE NICE! I kinda feel bad for them cus they getting pimped to do so many things while here on Hawaii. At least they had some fun kicking it with Newkon at PCC. And I don’t feel bad about getting fone calls from him with the “Hello” from Yuri. Or the wakeup call while im sleeping with the “Check out my myspace!” Check out his myspace. He’s on my top friends on my myspace. Be my friend if you hot!

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