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This post is dedicated to KTC and LIVICATED to EP!

Well after rocking a dope set he earns this. Kavet the Catalyst(pictured) is my good friend. Head Lightsleeper. Party Rocker. Producer. Emcee. DJ. Bboy battle thrower. Extra curricular paint activity coordinator. Skater. Pops. Opening act. Fuck he killed that shit last night before the blue scholars show. had DJ Observ and Jarred on Drums. And he killed his MPC. Holy shit. Usually he do three songs of a cd or something and thats it. But fuck he brought it. Had a dance contest. Had non heads hyped. Down to get grimy. Even watched the show from the cut behind the stage next to sabzi in the weirdest spot to watch. If you haven’t yet go cop his cd Television Head on or hit him up at the next Beat Root July 10th(FREE) or at mondays BLUE SCHOLARS SHOW @ UH CAMPUS CENTER!

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