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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Come by. They have an art show tonight and a black book battle too! Support the homies!


Man I had a blast at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Yeah I actually lived a week with no rice(wait i had chinese once with rice. Other than that it was potato city. Pass the ketchup!) And super stoked that you can get APPLE JUICE in all kine vending machines at 3am. SD hardly has anything up after 8pm. Bars close at 12am. Super weird. Only found one 7-11 and had to eat cup o noodles a few times due to the lack of zippys or anything 24hrs a day open. More pics and post throught the week due to the fact that the pics are scattered amongst 4 different cameras. On with the post. First: Dez Einswell- Super cool homie. Kicks it with Slick. Both on A Dope Distro(whattup Tina!). Well I finally met him after a few days of missing him in Hawai’i. Super cool guy. Trying to convince him to make 3xl shirts. Well a few days before leaving i was planning to buy one of his rhino whino toys but things fell through. On the last day of SDCC i get a call from Angry Woebots telling me I HAVE to see this toy. So I head over there to see this piece of dopeness. I bought it no hesitations. I don’t know what the scoops are so read about it here on Vinyl Pulse its a colab with Dez’s Doodle Barn and X-Large. Just the beginning of what I picked up. More later.

The source of my anxiety, anticipation, excitement, what not. The reason i’m not sleeping that much. San Diego Comic Convention.

Ho cuz i nervous! Rolling with the Angry Woebot and meeting up with the Pocket Full Of Monsters Crew. Partys. Toys. COMICS!!!! I should be having a huge boner but sometimes I feel like leaving it all behind. But too bad. Im going. Hello long plane rides. Hope to meet up with Jaba One from the Homegrown Blends crew and get the new Homegrown Blends/Lightsleepers mixtape Poked in the eye by Love(more info when i get back) and hopefully get to the ARMORY and get some bboy vids and a Super Cr3w and Jabbawockeez shirt maybe. While at the Con i gotta get some toys for my homie Mike Rotch and try to see Stan Lee, the names amongst names (except Jesus), and hopefully the lovely Olivia Munn


The only thing I wanna buy for myself is the Yoskay Yamamoto Koibito. Yo I didn’t know his boto showing. HAHAHAHAHA. Hopefully I can post up there. I’ll have pics for sure. I’ll miss you Hawai’i

I’ve been slacking on my reading my sword. Funny how you go looking for God when shit is bad and kinda push him to the side when things are gravy. But what happens when things are mediocre? Not bad, not the greatest, and your mind just racing constantly. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping due to upcoming events that i’ll rant about tomorrow. But its weird how you can feel an evolution of yourself overnight. Purpose. What’s yours? My purpose for the following week will to have a great time and open doors. And catch up on my reading. Big ups to Aunty Camille for the sage advice. Jesus i need some help sleeping and not worrying!
“This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He has sent.” John 6:29

Last night I was suppose to go to the Ground Up show but after watching fireworks and feeling sick I decided to go home. Good thing cus on the way home I was driving in the wrong direction for a moment before I woke up. Anywho before that mess I headed to Blaisdell for the Hawaii All Collectors Expo. Sad to find out that the guy who played Creature from the Black Lagoon died. Stoked to see new Star Wars costumes from them guys that dress like storm troopers. Man i got the LOAD of Kaiju and dope records for dirt cheap. Bought some Bob Marley and Beatles records including Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club, Revolver, and the White Album for a buck each! Always the best sale of the year. Still going on today. More info and a $1 off coupon at

Man this collage by Shepard Fairey is going for $60,000 and all funds going to Art For Life. Man that’s crazy! Makes a $200 dollar upper playground poster so much more affordable. Check the auction Here

DJ Neil Armstrong makes some of the best mixtapes that I like. Not no five verses over A millie beat (even thought its kinda catchy) or fifty million name drops over a new unreleased track. Part of the dope 5th Platoon DJ crew, Neil don’t dissapoint. People went apeshit when he released his packs with undercrown(but then again they had the ILL cereal boxes) and now he’s Jay-Z’s tour DJ. Well i got an email saying his latest mixtape is a download free from THEME mag. Read the article and download the mixtape HERE. You know you like free shit. I LOVE FREE SHIT! Before he was touring with Jay Z he would be in hawaii sporadicly(thanks Clueless). You can get his tapes locally at Exclusive, Jelly’s, Prototype, and In4mation and whatever spot that has them that i didn’t post. Check him out at

Sidenote: I only met him once at Jelly’s Aiea. But a few times when i was working Schlotzsky’s Deli in Ala Moana Vin Roc(5th Platoon) would stop by and eat BBQ Chicken pizzas. When ITF finals was here he Vin came like 3 times. Brought Shortkut and Mike Relm. I think he even signed one of the pizza cardboard circles. Everyone likes MY BBQ chicken pizza. Better than CPK!

Hawai’i so small and intertwined. Checking up on my sites on the internet, SuperCW led me to this Star Bulletin article. Sergio Goes was a good homie. Never knew much about him and always telling me wassup. He was always down to help support ANY scene. Co-created Cinema Paradise Film Fest. Help started Next Door. Even let me and Kavet borrow his projector a few times for Trip The Lights @ Studio 1. Would run into him while I was interning at Honolulu Weekly. He would put random pics at the end of the issue. I think I even made it in one pic(wish i could find it). Also film director and a great photographer. Here’s one of his pics i googled. Thanks for everything Sergio! Check out his photo site at

Here’s a video of Revok doing a burner for AGENDA Trade Show. Now this guy goes bombing just to go bombing, remind you that it’s ILLEGAL! Yet people THROWING money at him just because of his can control and skills. Sponsored by Boost Mobile, RVCA, Montana, part of The Seventh Letter and Known Gallery, doing numerous commissions by guys like Upper Playground. All from bombing the streets with AWR/MSK crew members. All you writers, just think about it for a minute…. but remember he got dope styles….how’s yours? Mine is shitty. And don’t forget he still crushing. Look at this ILL Batman ad. Oh baby! Check for more art.

jumped out the window with a……. HAHAHAHAHA if you know the rest of the lyrics your a winner. Ron English killing Obama images. Upper Playground making a killing off Obama I bet. To be president you gotta be trendy. YEAH! Sidenote my Shepard poster is still better. And I will vote for him.