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Actually I do. But it helps when you got homies that got dope cameras and skills to use them. Any day now I should have my very first digital camera to use soon(I SAID FIRST! Shit look how long it took me to get a phone with a camera on it let alone texting!) But every now and then I get lucky and run into some of my photog friends including Honozooloo. I guess he’s one of the official photogs for Next Door but every dope hiphop event anywhere he’s showing up to support. Took some pics from the Blue Scholars show including soundcheck which was pretty dope. Every event I see him at I hope I get to be in at least one pic for the day. Thanks for the pics! Check his site out at but make sure you got free time cus there’s a grip of pics to look at. Maybe you find yourself on there, or your future wife or husband?

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