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For some reason i love almost anykine pasta get in the world. But what happens when you get cravings for ramen and your favorite place in the world is closed between lunch and dinner shifts. Well no tantan men from Goma Iichi the other day and I really wanted to eat ramen. Well it just so happens that my new favorite OC16 show Ultimate Japan is hosted by the owner of Tenkaippin that used to be in Waikiki but moved to Kapahulu (YEAH KAPAHULU! Gonna be trendy as fuck to be there. Already had Leonards. We lost KC Drive inn, Burgerland and Sam Choys. But Rainbows still king. New Safeway is dope. Maybe I move back….but I still got memories of it being hot as hell and ending up turning into a wall rat to beat the heat.) With commercials of Konishiki and Musashimaru saying “Best noodles in Hawai’i” made me think “Can’t be better than Goma’s!”. So with the hunger building and the mid break of Goma’s going on I decided to try.
With better parking than Goma’s, Tenkaippin had things looking up. They had huge flat screen to watch Ultimate Japan. And the bomb side sauces I didn’t know how to use. But then it arrived at my table, Koteri ramen.

Tasted pretty good. Wasn’t watery. Was think like chicken gravy on ramen noodles. I liked it. But I’m glad to say GOMA IICHI STILL THE BEST!!!! CHICKEN TANTAN EXTRA NOODLES RICE GYOZA!!!! Gyoza at Tenkaippin was bomb too. Don’t get me wrong if somebody wanna bring me Kotteri ramen or u invite me to go Tenkaippin i go no problems. But if Goma’s is open let’s try get there first. After murdering my ramen i was happy. But i think i could have murdered another one. But then i realized that Goma’s just opened for dinner. I didn’t go but I started thinking about it hard! Big ups to the guy that owns Tenkaippin. Watch his show ULTIMATE JAPAN on OC16 or watch from his ramen shop or watch online at

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