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Man sometimes I miss working at the post office. I think I miss the paychecks more than the work but the workers were cool to kick it with most of the times. Then I did see a few guys that would go postal. Anywho I seen the pic above while checking up on homie Kuha’o doing his thing with The Cutlery/Sig Zane/Ethnic Creative out there on the Big Island and of course me being the sticker fiend I had to get me some. Well last night checked out my post office box and what do i get but a fat stack in a Sig Zane envelope. Shit I was impressed as hell that they got their own stationary. Maybe gotta get KTC to make some Lightsleepers stationary or Woes to get them PFOM envelopes. Good job and mahalo nui for the stickers. One day I’ll be able to rock some Cutlery shirts (3XL please) and I gotta stop buy and find out what size shirt I rock at Sig Zane(aloha shirts and t shirts two totally different stories. I don’t wanna incredible Hulk the bad boy!).
Check out or see how Hilo boys doing things!

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