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DJ Neil Armstrong makes some of the best mixtapes that I like. Not no five verses over A millie beat (even thought its kinda catchy) or fifty million name drops over a new unreleased track. Part of the dope 5th Platoon DJ crew, Neil don’t dissapoint. People went apeshit when he released his packs with undercrown(but then again they had the ILL cereal boxes) and now he’s Jay-Z’s tour DJ. Well i got an email saying his latest mixtape is a download free from THEME mag. Read the article and download the mixtape HERE. You know you like free shit. I LOVE FREE SHIT! Before he was touring with Jay Z he would be in hawaii sporadicly(thanks Clueless). You can get his tapes locally at Exclusive, Jelly’s, Prototype, and In4mation and whatever spot that has them that i didn’t post. Check him out at

Sidenote: I only met him once at Jelly’s Aiea. But a few times when i was working Schlotzsky’s Deli in Ala Moana Vin Roc(5th Platoon) would stop by and eat BBQ Chicken pizzas. When ITF finals was here he Vin came like 3 times. Brought Shortkut and Mike Relm. I think he even signed one of the pizza cardboard circles. Everyone likes MY BBQ chicken pizza. Better than CPK!

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