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Man I had a blast at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Yeah I actually lived a week with no rice(wait i had chinese once with rice. Other than that it was potato city. Pass the ketchup!) And super stoked that you can get APPLE JUICE in all kine vending machines at 3am. SD hardly has anything up after 8pm. Bars close at 12am. Super weird. Only found one 7-11 and had to eat cup o noodles a few times due to the lack of zippys or anything 24hrs a day open. More pics and post throught the week due to the fact that the pics are scattered amongst 4 different cameras. On with the post. First: Dez Einswell- Super cool homie. Kicks it with Slick. Both on A Dope Distro(whattup Tina!). Well I finally met him after a few days of missing him in Hawai’i. Super cool guy. Trying to convince him to make 3xl shirts. Well a few days before leaving i was planning to buy one of his rhino whino toys but things fell through. On the last day of SDCC i get a call from Angry Woebots telling me I HAVE to see this toy. So I head over there to see this piece of dopeness. I bought it no hesitations. I don’t know what the scoops are so read about it here on Vinyl Pulse its a colab with Dez’s Doodle Barn and X-Large. Just the beginning of what I picked up. More later.

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