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Monthly Archives: August 2008

This post was suppose to be entitled “YOU CUT OFF!” from the Dave Chappell Show. But hey i used it to send a message to a homie. Thanks. Anywho. After getting the request to go to McDonalds in Waikele for a delivery of hot fudge sundays i pulled in and see a big poster saying the McRib is back. That bad boy always leaves and always comes back but when its back im killing them with a vengeance like no other. So far i’ve had 2 but i think i’ll eat about 10 before they take it away. I dunno what’s so special about it. Meat shaped like ribs with no bones. And toppings of bbq sauce pickles and onions. That’s it. No cheese. Nothing. Simple. Yet dope. But gotta have fries. But I bet people wouldn’t care less if it was on menu every day. How many fools buy saimin from McD’s? That bad boy always sits there. But nobody gets. Weird. Now if they only brought back them cookies in the box with the shapes.

Dave Chappelle Wac Arnolds via

I bought this shirt that don’t fit me just for the stickers. Spent 50 bucks just for stickers. Big ups to Leilow for carrying this dope shit! Livicated to TIE! U dunno who that is you better get a copy of piece by piece.

Kav you better wear that shirt!

Well the National Convention is on and Obama making his official bid. Well to coincide with that Manifest Hope is going on as well

Timer nasty Angry Woebots did this piece for the show

Show was put on by Yosi who was the one who got Shepard Fairey to do the first obama design in the first place and got all them dope artist to make posters for the campain. Here’s me and him at SDCC

And while I was at Comicon i was able to pick up these two bad boys.

I know i posted the poster i got from Peel and The Obama Campaign earlier in the year. I don’t care if you vote Obama or not. This is history and everyone is on the bandwagon. Just do your part and vote.

Photo Credits: Johnny 5-Kai Media/Pocket Full Of Monsters

If you aint busy watching infomercials for Man in A Can!

Well it’s time for the next Beatroot 2008 Qualifier

Battle starts promptly at 5pm. But then afterwards if you just sitting outside in the parking lot fuck that and come to Christina’s Birthday Party and Beatroot Afterparty at EXCLUSIVE!!!!!

FREE CAKE AND DRINKS. Music buy DJ Liger and DJ Memoirs. Pocket Full Of Monsters Art. and a little secret im rocking with MyCryptonauts. Come through and say hi! And if you can pick up the new DJ Jaba One mixtape “Poked in they eye by Love” please do so! Hit me up at the Beatroot or pick up at Exclusive that night.

Standing in line for Little Brother concerts and kick it with Honozooloo. Spend some time on his site

or sometimes I spend time watching videos from like this Kanye joint.

Man i gotta finish my SDCC journey blogs already. Too bad i don’t have the rest of my pics. shiet

Whattup Cookie Monster!

Rotch got a boner watch! HAHAHAHAHA

Well my homie Palmetto Pauly decided to help Woes, Peekaboo, and 2H have a canvas for this years I AM 8Bit show. He fucken hooked up an arcade video game with a buttload of games including the 1st Mario Brothers seen here. Then Woes, 2H, and Peeks painted the outsides. Shit Pauly even made custom Pocket Full Of Monsters display graphics. WOW! Check more pics at this LINK from and enjoy the show including pieces from Mycrytonauts, Peekaboo Monster, 2H, Angry Woebots, Mo Radke, and some other people. Think the artist list almost a hundred people deep.

Oh man i just picked up my tickets for the Little Brother show on Saturday. I gotta give a huge shout out to Dig Lifestyles, Chypha Chris, Kimo James, Tre, Xavier and the whole crew for making this FREE show happen. If you didn’t get one they still letting first come first served at the door and they have a meet and greet with Little Brother at 5pm at Dig Lifestyle at Ward before the show on Saturday. Best bet is go meet and greet and get tix! And hows the shaun white video? they never made extra hard vid but i never like put shitty concert footy with bad sound. I go play again. Special shout outs to Norm Rockwell from Access HipHop and his San Diego homies, CJ Fresh, Jimmy Taco, AIGA, and everone who made waiting in line hella fun!

go download some albums cus you too cheap to buy them. shit i go buy albums if they slanging at the show.

thanks rotch. Shit i still gotta finish out SDCC but i can’t get my pics. shiet. more later. watch this

Well yesterday I headed out to UH’s The Stanley for K1 Grand Prix in Hawaii 2008. Hoping to get to see Butterbean vs. Mighty Mo. But Cabbage KO’ed Butterbean(big ups Hawaiian!) and Mighty Mo won his first fight but due to injury and a shot to the balls withdrew from the tourney. Big ups to Gokhan Saki for winning the whole thing and for having the mean rave music that had everyone dancing after he licked a few fuckas! Thanks to Akebono for bringing K1 back to Hawai’i. SUPER HUGE FUCK YOU TO THE PR COMPANY HE HIRED! Getting press passes for K1 denied because isn’t a MMA only website sucked. But we would post anyways cus i love K1 and it’s a dope Hawai’i event. But to upgrade my would have been $30 to $80 seats for only $10 more makes me laugh at that idiot! And the half empty areana plus the empty seats lost to the screen makes it only that much more harder to think they actually MADE money. Only time will tell. I hope they did cus Akebono deserves it! Thanks again AKEBONO!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah. Waited all night for Badr Hari fight to start and he wins with a fucken JAB in the first round in 9 seconds! WOW! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

But look how big Johnny’s is. NOT! This is him holding Bwana Spoon’s Giant Killer. I know if he could buy it he would be flying home with it. Good thing this was just the prototype.

sidenote: SDCC pics taking a little longer to get than i thought. Just gave my sketchbook to get flicked up and hopefully i get the final parts to the rest of the missing flicks. stay tuned!