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yeah i know i said i was gonna post more about SDCC but that gotta wait cus my pics are lost in transit for the moment. Well I kinda like FOB’s Pete’s new show FN MTV cus they ACTUALLY SHOW VIDS and also have live performances. Hawthorne Heights, Tokyo Police, HANNA MONTANA! HAHAHAHAHA Well they debuted the new Momma’s Boy video from Chromeo. I heard a few songs before but this catchy diddy got me downloading album as we speek. Yeah i now that trandy hypebeast scenesters were up on this for a while. Yeah Kanye loves them. So what! Eat a bomb! I had hard time finding it but i got it. Watch video and have fun

oh and if you wanna download i think this link still works for a few days more
Chromeo-Fancy Footwork

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