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Well yesterday I headed out to UH’s The Stanley for K1 Grand Prix in Hawaii 2008. Hoping to get to see Butterbean vs. Mighty Mo. But Cabbage KO’ed Butterbean(big ups Hawaiian!) and Mighty Mo won his first fight but due to injury and a shot to the balls withdrew from the tourney. Big ups to Gokhan Saki for winning the whole thing and for having the mean rave music that had everyone dancing after he licked a few fuckas! Thanks to Akebono for bringing K1 back to Hawai’i. SUPER HUGE FUCK YOU TO THE PR COMPANY HE HIRED! Getting press passes for K1 denied because isn’t a MMA only website sucked. But we would post anyways cus i love K1 and it’s a dope Hawai’i event. But to upgrade my would have been $30 to $80 seats for only $10 more makes me laugh at that idiot! And the half empty areana plus the empty seats lost to the screen makes it only that much more harder to think they actually MADE money. Only time will tell. I hope they did cus Akebono deserves it! Thanks again AKEBONO!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah. Waited all night for Badr Hari fight to start and he wins with a fucken JAB in the first round in 9 seconds! WOW! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

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