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This post was suppose to be entitled “YOU CUT OFF!” from the Dave Chappell Show. But hey i used it to send a message to a homie. Thanks. Anywho. After getting the request to go to McDonalds in Waikele for a delivery of hot fudge sundays i pulled in and see a big poster saying the McRib is back. That bad boy always leaves and always comes back but when its back im killing them with a vengeance like no other. So far i’ve had 2 but i think i’ll eat about 10 before they take it away. I dunno what’s so special about it. Meat shaped like ribs with no bones. And toppings of bbq sauce pickles and onions. That’s it. No cheese. Nothing. Simple. Yet dope. But gotta have fries. But I bet people wouldn’t care less if it was on menu every day. How many fools buy saimin from McD’s? That bad boy always sits there. But nobody gets. Weird. Now if they only brought back them cookies in the box with the shapes.

Dave Chappelle Wac Arnolds via