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I just wanted to say thanks to John and Seiko for having Spot’s open for however long. I was a late bloomer in finding it but they had my FAVORITE hamburger stake and with the killer fried onions. Well I heard the horror stories of staying till 1am to prep for the next day. They only took one day off and still came in. Talk about hustle and hard work. But due to raising rents and bad economy and who really wants to bust their ass all day everyday they sadly closed on the 23rd of august. Sad thing is that i said i would go once more before they closed but everytime i would be near I already ate somewhere else. SHIT! I hate when my favorite spots close. Das why HAAAD!

sidenote: this morning i went by Gold’s Gym and they closed too! Maybe everything HAAD! or maybe everyone went Powerhouse gym! I think I might go back YMCA and get even more sexy. I should. Maybe then i can get my tops right for the bboy jams!

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