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Man i so gotta get a connection. Stealing Rotch’s road runner account to use wifi. HAHAHA Anywho just got checking for the latest in my toy collecting habbits and Duff from Ace Of Cakes on Food Network(One of MY FAV channels!) got his own minimate. Only $8 and they also sell 3xl shirts. But why i gotta be in a financial jam at the moment. Big ups to Duff. Somebody ELSE asked to make his toy. I be busy asking OTHERS to make MY TOY cus maybe im narcissistic but it would be hella dope to have me on somebody’s shelf or in their toy collection. I’m speaking it now…..I WILL HAVE MY OWN TOY! And signings at ComicCon and other spots. AMEN! C’mon PAULIE!!!!!!

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