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Not to let an opportunity slip by (yeah i have) I seen that Split Obsession had the I GOT WOOD show coming to town in the Honolulu Weekly so i thought the PFOM crew members might want to do it. So Jake(thanks again homie!) who put the event together sent me 12 pieces for artist to do. I wanted to be in it but i aint got skills asked my homie Johnny 5/Contra808 to hook my peice with pics of me and the crew or whatevers. What ended up was him taking a pic of me at my favorite Italian spot in Little Italy San Diego FILLIPIES!!!!(i return to you next july!!!! You stay classy Fillipies!) and making me terrorize waikiki. Nice job Johnny. Best piece of the show. The show also has other artists including Newkon, CkaweekS, Pancho Abalos, Luk, Joshua Giraffe, Haboh, Johnny5, Bies, Rival, and MyCryptonauts. But you should go check it out. Runs till Sept. 13th at Split Obsession in Koko Marina. Say hi to Bruce and Erica. They cool. They also bringing the heat and bringing BIGFOOT to hawaii!!!! i Be there!!!

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