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Yeah iPhone. You need a pic with a blog no? Either way. Went church last night before ATEMPTING to go to the Ground Up show. Was good. I was tired. Felt refreshed afterwards. Message was about unplugging from daily stress. Right up my ally. Letting your YES be YES and NO be NO. Lot of bullshit I put up with because people flake and say Yeah Yeah Yeah and no do nothing or do the opposite. Then they talked about being able to let the fone ring 3am and not picking up. Frick that I’m too addicted to not pick up but i should. And I had 9 text messages during the REAL MESSAGE I sould be tuning in to. Didn’t answer back but I had to look. I hate surprizes. Then somebody pulls a fire alarm. Talk about God getting my attention. It worked. Back to the grind. Keeping things in focus. When I do get my 3G iPhone i hope it doesnt tether me down. And I can put it down as well.

PS. JESUS LOVES YOU. He said “Come to me.” PERIOD! And wear shorts. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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