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Not to rub shit in anybody’s eye or whatever but hey this be a rant post. Still got things that require me to get a camera ready or something. Back to the rants. Me and my friends were talking about that hurricane that ran through Louisiana again during the National Convention for McCain and thought “Why would you return. Just leave.” But then again we live in hurricane town and I would NEVER leave Hawai’i EVER! Not to go school. Nothing. Vacations and Comic Con in San Diego but that’s it. But the original title and meat portion was suppose to be that I notice that Hawai’i is FULL OF IDIOTS!!!!! There’s a main intersection by my house and every time I go to turn on to Farrington Hwy. It never seems to amaze me about people not realizing they DON’T HAVE A STOP SIGN and have the right of way will still stop and treat the intersection like 4 way stop. Oh well. But lately the more I got irritated at mokes drinking in my yard leaning on my car I started to notice even more nice things. Went to Boarders and there was a writers meeting going on and everyday peeps trying to write stories or books. Getting possitive feedback. Shit I was interested and ease dropped for like 30minutes. Then I realized one of the guys in the group catches my express bus in the morning. Then I read in the Honolulu magazine about Kaumakapili Church and their annual Lu’au fundraiser and the people that voluteer and the fact that they still have church AFTER THE LU’AU. Crazy. And the fact that we HAVE hawaiian food makes Hawai’i even more special to me. Or tonight there’s Aloha Festivals Waikiki Ho’olaule’a and that the parade almost got cancelled again but the people saved it buy donating time and effort and even flatbed trucks. WOW. Sometimes we get caught up in this crazy pace of grinding that we never take time to smell the flowers or eat squid lu’au. I do this often but when I catch myself the return is so much more sweeter. Now I like eat Hawaiian food. It’s Aloha Friday…..I work tomorrow and sunday….no smoke the dubes, the dubes, the dubes, the dubes!

But for some reason I think this should be the second song after Kimo pau sing. Arm me with harmony!

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