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Well for some reason I trying to get back on eating oatmeal for breakfast and I don’t have any at home. Got to work early so I decided to make my next stop Zippy’s. They got me eating brown sugar with my plain oatmeal. Usually eating maple brown sugar packs from the quaker man but never thought about just plain oatmean and brown sugar from home. NICE! Anywho I’m a sucker for eggs and breakfast at Zippy’s means Portuguese Omelet Sandwich! But I noticed they got a new breakfast wrap shown above and I fell in love more than my usual standby. Could it be so? Blasphemous!!!! But man the wrap got the mean eggs and cheese and sausage. A new love affair. Try it. MEAN! Big ups to Nathan at Zippy’s for sending me the OFFICIAL ZIPPYS PIC above. And did you know they got a forum. Dope enough they mail chili and port. bean soup anywhere, now they got a place to speak your mind. Wow! Kudos!

Check out and post on their forums how I wish they had beef stroganoff more often!

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