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I gotta say next to Kahalu’u i really love Waimanalo. Well I got an invite from my good homie from UH days Amber back a few months ago and saturday she and her new hubby Mitch tied the knot at the Shriners spot in Nalo. MAN THAT SHRINERS SPOT IS SCREAMING THROW A RAGER OVER THERE. Super good time. I mean anything that has dope Hawaiian food can’t go wrong.

And to make things even more dope the Shriner’s spot is right on the beach. Since the caterers were family members too they went beach. Started fishing. Keikis playing. Lucky we live Hawai’i. If I get plenty cash you better believe I gonna get a Nalo beach house.

When I left the wedding we stopped by and picked up couple bags smoked meat from somebodys house. Didn’t know who was. Bruddah was just pounding beers in his driveway. Down the road people selling laulau, pateles, gundule rice, and had one steak and shrimp truck. I love Nalo! Big ups to everyone there! Next time I go sea life park! CONGRATS AMBER AND MITCH GRANITE!!!!!! MAKE MORE KEIKIS!!!!!

Sidenote: Brah if you one wedding crasher you should have came cus had choke mean chicks! CHOKE!!!! MEAN!!!!!!

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