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forget dr. Martins. These etnies are sick. Only cus i love Aqua Teen Hunger Force. What I gonna wear with them. And I don’t rock them style shoes. Too low. Back in my hacky sack ASS playing days they would rule. But gotta wear pants i think. No can shorts. I can’t pull that look. Slip on style shoes and shorts. Nope. I would make them look like fins or clownshoes. But if you can rock them do it. Big ups to the HUNDREDS!!!!! I LOVE THE HUNDREDS!!!! VOTED FOR BEN AND BOBBY FOR THAT UNDER 30 Business mag vote. PLEASE MAKE 3XL SHIRTS! I know they don’t read my blog but somebody that does is just a fone call away(I KNOW THIS!!!!! COMMON GUYS PUT IN A GOOD WORD FOR A BIG HAWAIIAN!!!) Well you can read their blog and stuff at Best thing is they read all the other blogs for you and post up the good stuff in the feed(Like these adult swim etnies). Thanks guys. Too bad you didn’t have box cutters but i got that antenna Bomb! YEAH! Thanks NEEEECOLE!!!!

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