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What seems to be forever arrived yesterday as Forgetting Sarah Marshall was released on DVD finally. No more bootleg versions for me. I seen this movie 10 times in the theatre (there was a point where i watched it every day for a week at the dollar spot). Well now i get to watch in my own home. I like it cus its funny. And i Can relate. I had a girl break my heart. What did I do. I went to HAWAI’I!!!! I felt so much better. Good food, fine women, the beach, fine women. HAHAHAHAHA I really wish i was an extra or something on this film. I coulda been too. Mc5b garrens would have some pull. I could be checking in the lobby or eating waffles or sipping a mai tai or something. DAYM! Oh yeah I also get to post this pic again and it’s still relevent. WOW. Hellooooooooooo MILA! 70’s show!!!!

well if you didn’t watch it watch the trailer for now and go buy one later. Thought this would be another 50 First Dates movie that would put Hawai’i back on the map. Your cousin was probably in it or working at turtle bay. Who knows. I go buy three copies maybe.

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