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Well after work on sunday I had a feeling to kill some strawberry pie from Anna Miller’s. Now my mom always rocked the Anna Miller’s for thanksgiving but that was it due to the fact we was living Kahalu’u. But now that I live on the westside(don’t get me wrong…one day i plan to be back Eastside…Kane’ohe, Kahalu’u, Waimanalo….somewhere over there) and I almost live in Pearlridge I can’t help but see the Strawberry Pie banner every time the season rolls around. So me and my homie Alfer went to kill some pie. But after seeing the waitress (how come they always pregnant. everyone stop boning the waitressess! AHAHAHAHHA) make some killer strawberrys and whipped cream in a bowl i asked her what that was for. She said Belgian waffles. Asked if its better to rock that instead of pie. She said yeah. I did. She hooked it up. NICE! But after i finished it i wondered if the pie would have been better. No i didn’t get one. But i had a fun time. The debate still remains. Pie on top from Anna Miller. Waffle below not from Anna Miller but i needed a pic. Anna Miller’s one way doper. Almost looked like an ice cream sunday. Yo Alfer if you down again let me know. Now if only Ted’s and Stortos would move to town…..nah.

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