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Saturday morning headed out to Mililani Skatepark to kick it with Kavet the Catalyst and DJ Observ to spin at this years T&C Sunburn Classic. The sunburn is probably the biggest skate contest on O’ahu that people can actually watch. I can’t get to the Cholo’s bowl and haven’t even been to Hickam so them don’t count. But every year i have a blast. Free giveaways like gear, stickers, donuts, you name it. DaKine’s skate team came out with me being super stoked to see Paul Machnau and Chris Haslam. Got my free DVD signed by the team. Super good fun. Even THE REDBULL girls showed up in the RedBull car and hooked it up(THANKS GUYS!). Sobe was there too giving samples so they got 1UPed when i was killing CANS of sugarfree bull! Great best trick contest. Not too many sponsored riders entered. Rob killed the mic again. He’s pretty funny as an emcee. Too bad he can’t rap! I think this is my 6th year going to the classic. Can’t wait till next year. Thanks T&C. Keep hiring KTC to spin!

*pic of my signed dvd. you want skate pics go check out the other sites like or woodgrainandurethane

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