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Well i think i will hopefully get this all cranked out by tomorrow. Might take 3 posts but shit is was 3 days long. Gonna steal pics from others like this one i took from of his 3G iPhone(yeah im still getting mine. hold your balls till i get them) getting customed by Woes. Hella fun kicking it with Timer always. We somehow never get work done but crunchtime i just hope he comes through. Spent friday just kicking it at Split Obsession(you gonna hear a lot about them in my weekend wrap up. Spent two evenings there. Haven’t been there for a month. Zippy’s must be mad i use their bathroom and stole their paper towel roll.) oh yeah friday……friday Woes signed 100 prints for his release the next day. Good fun talking bullshit, planning for Comicon, getting prep for christmas and what not. Dropped him back in Kane’ohe(I MISS YOU EASTSIDE!!!) and headed to Shiro’s cus i’ve been sick as fuck for 5 days now as of today. Can’t get it out. Man. Anywho im gonna lurk the internet to see if my picks for the other posts are up. Soon come. Too be continued……

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