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The homie David Choe and his buddy Harry Kim are coming to Hawaii to premier Harry’s doc on Dave called Dirty Hands. They will be at both movie showings Monday 9pm and Wednesday at 7pm. They also have an instore at the Blue Hawaii Kalihi Gallery spot by HCC(Zippys side) on tuesday from 6-9pm. Dave is the homie. Helped me on my Slipper Show a while back. Always makes me laff. Killer on the drums. Nice guy period. First seen his stuff on the Upper Playground DVD Dithers. Fell in love with his art after seeing him bomb the huge whale on the freeway. Hope to get another whale from him this time. You should go see him and his movie. Tell him i sent you. Dunno what you’ll get from it but we see.

if you got time watch all the episodes of Dave and Harry’s Thumbs Up series here
good stuff.
Here’s one of the whales he did for me last time i seen him.

Dirty Hands trailer

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