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Well i went and checked out David Choe’s Dirty Hands movie at HIFF at Dole monday night. This is just part one of two posts. Movie is sick. going again in two hours. Here’s night one recap.

Mufi got his office right there next to the shoe store in dole cannery. Was gonna get a pic with him but more important be first in line. Next time. PS. Yeah i gonna vote him but i don’t want rail. But its coming anyway. watch. More for the keikis to bomb. hahahahahaha

Hows their lounge. The sell overpriced stuff here. Better than stale popcorn but if you was smart you got your costco hotdog or double cheeseburgers in your pocket.

Now i dunno nothing about interior design but this chair is dope. Mesh hooked up the lounge. I buy um for $20 no questions asked. If you steal um i still buy um $20 no questions asked. But stealing is bad.

Star Bulletin’s J Blaze. You don’t know how many times i try to take his pic. He says he’s a camera killer. Mine still works. Check his blog So Necessary cus this fool knows what’s going down in Hawaii.

Mc5B got Eagle Eyes on your privates! Private eyes *clap clap* they watching you! Better bring me taegu!

Me and Buttrpecan. She was willing to go down to Dole two hours before movie so we could be first in line. We might have shitty tickets but being first made us slide all our homies from the back to the front. Yeah you might have member tix or premium seating but the party over here!

Told you the party is here. SuperCW HIFFing it up. I dunno how you do them long photo blogs cus this blog is becoming a bitch to do at my Aiea office.

Split Obsession’s Bruce and Erica, sitting behind me, H-I-F-F-I-N-G!!!! HAHAHAHA Jus playing. Hope you read their blogs and buy shit from their store. Clothes and shit for her, toys and MINIGODS for ME! BIGFOOT OCTOBER 25TH!!!!

Harry Kim. Director. Dirty Hands. Q&A. He gonna say fuck film and draw bootleg whales. Kudos on the film.

Man of the hour David Choe. He’s cool. Surprized he still remembers me. Third time in Hawaii. Third time we kicked it. Good people.

Me and Harry. After he made loot selling merch. Man Upper Playground made his movie shirts and gave him tote bags to use as shopping bags. WOW! Buy a shirt or a poster or something!

Dave and Buttrpecan. The first time for her seeing Dave’s art or anything about him was watching this Dirty Hands movie at HIFF. She enjoyed the movie and Dave’s story. If you never come(or not coming tonight) you missed out sucka!

Dave and Nicole. They both have calendars. Both supermodels.

MC5B, Dave, and the Sexy Beast. Uncle Murdles House fool!

Nicole’s homie borrowed my camera. Here’s your pic.

Well more to be had later. Im running late to the second showing of Dirty Hands. Recap tomorrow of tonight and last night at Blue Hawaii Kalihi. I also seen DJ Eskae but forgot to take pic. Angry Woebot was there but i got too many pics of him. Jason Scott Lee was there but i never pic because I kept looking for Kelly Hu and yelling “RAPA NUI”! The “Uncle Fucking Bully” guy from Once Were Warriors was there but never take pic cus somebody video taping him. Heard Ted was there but i missed him. He’s in the movie! TED YOU ARE THE MAN IN SO MANY WAYS!!!!!!

Special thanks to Sarah Honda of HIFF/Smart Mag. One day we will meet when you not so busy. Kudos your way too and to everyone who made this possible.

Big ups to everyone. More to come. If you got flix for me hit me back.

With love, Me.

PS. I like having a camera but this is bitchwork. Big ups to Mr. Jay All Day for doing the pics and everything. A mile in your shoes not quite.

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