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Well sunday we had a company meeting that ended up as just party and bullshit at Dave&Busters. This was one of the most funnest nights ever had overthere. Only been like maybe 4 or five times. Once was for a dj battle that DJ Skid won. But man shuffleboard is the shit. And then i have this thing for crane games. I just wanna win shit. But after I win i never care. End up donating it or giving away unless its super fucken dope. But the huge one at D&B’s makes me wanna go all the time. Never played and first time i tried cus i seen some Chinese people rocking some huge whales and shit. I wanted one. So I tried. Almost got one but never happened. Left and came back and the one I wanted was gone. So i tried and got an elephant, and a dog, and a bear, and a dodgeball. Man im hooked. Then the other homies like Nicole got hooked. We started going after seals and whales calling them uluas. Man i aint trying to catch papios at fun factory or tilt anymore. ULUAS at D&Bs. Super fun. Gonna do it again. Stole the pics from the sunflower blog on the right. Thanks to my bosses at Prototype for the meeting. Thanks to my homie TRISHA LEI for the hookups(i should call more often, we gonna party again!) and thanks to the homies for a fun night.

Here’s Alfer holding my loot! Uluas for days! Taken while i was getting a free water from a cute bartender while i was looking for Greg (Yo greg tell homegirl that worked sunday night she was cute!)

The nuthouse. Chris really catches uluas. and large mouth bass and dead people in Lake Wilson! And crooks and chronics!

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