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Monthly Archives: November 2008


How’s this pic of a turkey made of Mac and Cheese and formed using a jello mold! winners!

Anywho i’ve been feeling pretty shitty the past couple days. Trying to fight it off so i can play some poker tonight but fuck i’ve been not myself. Went to work early and instead of rocking the internet i got a cardboard box and knocked out on the floor. Shitty too cus i need money. Oh well. Lord please help me get better!

Well i guess since i’ve been feeling shitty and passed out in my Aiea office aka. Mike Rotch’s hale i decided to do my Turkey Day post. Turkey Day is pretty cherry for me. Turkey rice stuffing gravy and noodles. Get to kick it with my filipino family (i always have a good time at nana’s house). Hardly see my hawaiian chinese japanese oloolo squash family for turkey day. Anywho with there being construction at the house i don’t think turkey cooking for me will go down (i rock mean turkeys! Since the days of Schlotszky’s once i leared i’ve cooked one every year. this year i gonna rock one too…might not be turkey day but i gonna rock one before christmas). But turkey day still rules. Stuffing rules too!

Thanksgiving is a time to say Thanks Jesus for what you thankful for(should be thankful everyday…then maybe we eat more stuffing…and turkey….HAHAHAHAH…reward for being thankful=turkey and stuffing with gravy!) Well here’s my list of things im thankful for at the moment.

*My friends and family-been a tough time for me and peoples true colors really seem to show who’s down and who’s not. I would like to be down for others too and not so much just watching out for myself. Hardly see my family but they support me no matter what. And if i didn’t have good friends i think life would suck (ex.JESUS, ktc, my small group, mr.j, rotch, NEECOLE!, she, christina, dez, newk, timer, bucky, pfom, the homies and haters on the ls boards! if you not listed don’t mean you not important. i just wanted to put some examples fool!)

*My car-Yeah i hit two other cars with it and its dirty as fuck but with all the bad past cars and the lifetime of rocking the bus im truely thankful. Sometimes i want to offer people in my neighboorhood rides instead of catching bus when i see them at bus stop and they going pretty much same place but i think would be weird if you don’t know them like that.

*The fact i live hawaii-Wouldn’t have it any other way! If only Hawaiian food wasn’t so expensive and i could own a house….and a second beach house in Nalo where Keoki could watch and i could get smoke meat down the road.

*My life isn’t as bad as other people have it-I’ve been sick all day and watching crappy shows like Maury and homeboy slept with 30 women and his wife’s mom and he wants to work shit out. I feel bad cus pussy make you do crazy things! Then i get interrupted with a news bulletin that terrorists killing haoles and foreigners in India. That sucks. Then watching celeb rehab and people being addicted to drugs with no hope. Super sad. And you might think its stupid to do drugs or whatevers but if its something hard to walk away from you do stupid shit wether it be drugs, terrorism for power and/or money, or sleeping with 30 women that aint your wife…and her mom!(Yo wives you better be giving it up on demand! Homeboy might be horny but better he gets it from you then your mom! Headache my ass! Give some! And a steak! HAHAHAHAHA)

*finally thankful for everyone that reads this blog/my article on 808scenezine/and or my homie Mr. J and I’s people don’t have to give a fuck what i’m doing or what i write but people take the three minutes from their day to come here or the other media forms to see my opinions, thoughts, whatnots. I don’t care if you read to hate on me or you read cus you trying to steal my style or you read cus you love me(i hope you love me! that would be most choice!) But im thankful for your 3 minutes period!

That’s all i can think of for now. Black Friday gonna be a trip! Catch me Waikele at midnight(maybe) then pearlridge doing crowd control at prototype till 11 then being a problem at Kicks/Hi!!!!(I don’t care who you is friend or foe don’t buy them size 13 air max anythings!)

Happy Turkey Day! If you sick of leftovers bring some so i don’t have to buy lunch! And if you think you make the dopest stuffing or gravy proove it(one day im gonna have a stuffing and gravy contest!)

With love, Lofa!


First time i didn’t have to get a trade to get kid robot christmas dunny. Still need the snowman one!

and there you have the facts of life…the facts of life…TOOTIE!!!!!!
Man! Last night after actually getting stuff done and a small dog food run to walmart i actually SLAMMED MY PHONE IN MY CAR DOOR!!!! Man my phone is my life! I don’t have a land line. I didn’t write down anybody’s number. Good news is i can recieve calls. Bad news is i can barely find my numbers on addy book and no texting. Can’t even tell what time it is cus i don’t rock watches. That sucks. So i gotta raise money and get a new phone to replace my phone with a crack. Luckily I happen to have a fund raiser already in place. If you’re my homie I’m asking you to please help a Hawaiian out for just $20 bucks and in return I’ll give you a new Lightsleepers shirt! Or for $24 bucks i can get you the new Peekaboo shirt from his upcoming Hawaii art show instead! Please help! And as a bonus if you help in my fund raiser i’ll give you a call from my phone to yours just to say mahalo! You can paypal donations to or email me at Thanks in advance! God Bless! With love, me.

Well sunday after market me and my homie Buttrpecan headed over to Sea Life Park past Nalo town(yeah i went slow down…no more smoke meat…or corn….had pasteles and gandule rice) for some fishwatching! I like sea animals and such. Turtles, dolphins, uluas, you name it! Here’s some pics foolios!dsc01963
Sea turtles.
Say cheese!
watch the stinger
His name is puffy!
Tell your friends to get with my friends and we can be friends…this guy followed us everywhere we went in the tank.
Rabbit Island. What the name of little island next to it?
eff a raven or crow…this muthafucka eat you alive!!!!!
Dolphin Flips!
Buttrpecan and the Sexy Beast….cheeseballs!!!!

OVERALL EVALUATION: Was fun. Worth the Kama’aina rate. Tourist getting raped! 5 dollar sodas can eat it! Go 7-11 down the road first. The show they had in that arena with the glass pool sucked ass! Made me want a refund. 80’s theme gotta go home(fuck the 80’s already so over it. Yeah im a 90’s kinda guy i guess but man live in the now people!) The rest was dope. Too bad no more that shooting gallery thing. Im good for 6-8 months but if you guys going let me know. I might wanna go too.


Iguanas in the farmers market. Well no iguanas but every Sunday them Kapolei peeps get their produce shop on. I’ve been going every so often if I wake up in time. Them fools disappear like ninja vanish. But they sell anykinekine. Rambutans, papaya, onion, banana, filipino stuff, mongo beans, shrimp, peppers, you name it!
No iguanas but they got catfish. They live and feisty like a mofo!
But these guys be selling me the crack! Ye’s Pastry shop. They make anykine stuffs, lumpia, ensemada, puto, banana bread, butter mochi, fricken gangbusters!!!!! But they don’t do anything but the Kapolei market. No shop. Nothing. They bake in Waianae or Makaha or something early sunday and slang and that’s it. They sell out all the time.
But the only reason i go is this kryptonite bread. Dunno what they call it but i be handing over my money for the stuff. Softest in the world and super sick. Make some dope cheese sandwiches or strawberry jelly. Better than the St. Germain bread i usually rock but hand made by some cool Filipinos! You can go and support but no buy all the bread. Save me one….or two….and a bag of lumpia!

ADELE!!! Now don’t get it twisted i don’t love ALL her songs but shit i thought I liked that Sara Bareilles and got her cd and was nothing but ass! Big F U VH1 you otta know my ass. But I got caught watching chasing pavements from Adele. I liked it. Kinda sad(I hate sad shit for the moment but it sucks when its so good!) and downloaded the cd cus i no like spend no more money on crappy shit like the second Gnarls Barkley(what the fuck you thinking CeeLo/Dangermouse?) or Sara. Hoped it wasn’t another girl from the UK biting the girl thing of Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, or Estelle(shit they killing it out there huh?) But gave the cd a listen and to my surprize what do i find but a BBOY BREAK! YES!!!!! I SO NEED THIS ON WAX! Enjoy

and if you don’t have the cd “19” from Adele download here(mediafire) No worry she not local so can download but if she comes in concert maybe you should buy the cd from merch table. Yo BAMP you gonna make this happen????

And another song i like is this right as rain joint. live youtube version bellow

Sucken Race. Always taking Alicia’s pics and never bringing me any! And man i’ve been craving Hawaiian food for a while since Amber’s wedding(Sept. 21 daym! too long!) Well my homie Race and a few of his homies including my other homie Jason Shibata (yeah Kamehameha) decided to start up a new FREE magazine called CONTRAST Should be pretty dope. more info as it comes closer to release. But they got a nice little website with a blog and vids(did you watch the one with ARA? You know you guys perv on her! She’s hot and in a band and does dope events! Win!) and online articles too. If you have time check it out. And yeah a lot more homies are connected with it including MC5B doing vids and Kavet The Catalyst and Omega Cix doing interviews. And yeah my homies Angry Woebot and Mainframe did the first cover. And yeah i be working the street team. But just read it. Put it by the toilet and read when you dropping bombs. Have fun!

Two post one day. Make up for days i slacked. Well this morning I met up with homie and teacher at the moment Kei to make up a class i missed for Solid Foundations that I’m almost done with. He suggested we meet at IHOP in Pearl City. I have never been to an IHOP other than the one time I went to the one in Anaheim next to Disneyland back in 10th grade i guess. But man is that place WAY BETTER THAN DENNY’S KUNIA!!!!!!!! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!! But I’m gonna be a regular more often for sure! I was stoked when I heard the rumors of them opening IHOP on O’ahu but first one in Waikiki and I rather go Rainbows instead of anything there. Second one in Kane’ohe but haven’t been there for ages since I moved away from Kahalu’u(I MISS YOU SO MUCH KU’U HOME!!!!!) but then again i would probably get cheese on a stick from Hot Dog on a stick. But Pearl City you got lock! When i used to live in Pacific Palisades there was nothing to eat anywhere. But I move and what happens? IHOP. You should check for yourselfs. Open 6-10 and till midnight on Friday Saturdays. Save money and visit the website at and print coupons so you save some cash like this one good till Nov. 30
click here and print screen.

Gets two thumbs up from the Sexy Beast named Lofa! Oh yeah i had that pecan coffee cake pancakes with eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and sausage. Winners.

Sometimes i think i would kill a toy blog, a food blog and a me blog but one blog about me is good enough.

Well I finally got off during a day but i work tonight so lets get them blogs a blazing. One of the sites i check out on a regular is run by Anasarca and Joe Dub. Now they be digging in the creats hard and Joe be doing all kinds of work with everyone and your mom. He also doing another album with Ellay Khule and watch his newest album be the shit too. Did you get Joe’s Pooretry album. It’s saucy! HAHAHAA Anywho digging around the blog i found this youtube nugget of Lightsleeper and Rock Force Crew DJ Jus Jones aka Robot Jones aka Jus10 kicking it with some fellow djs. He got breaks for days!

Speaking of breaks one thing I always ask Jus10 is to bring me back when he comes home from frisco is a copy of Beginning Of The End’s Funky Nassau on wax. Well my homie Mike Rotch just came back from Cali with a personally favor for me from Amoeba records. I finally got it. Repress. But shit i got my first copy. Yo Jus i still need like 3 more copies.

This week has been pretty dope. Heard some breaks, got some breaks(thanks Rotch), went to a bboy battle monday, and also got the final ok for the next LIGHTSLEEPERS bboy battle. Merry Christmas early for me!

Don’t Sleep! COME TRUE!

Here’s a tv commercial for FITTED. Found in the Lightsleepers Shameless Promotion forum. FITTED make dope hats for sure (too bad i hardly ever rock hats). People still trying to buy Kamehameha hats for triple the amount, new or used. Big ups to Slapp Symphony for the beat and Kai Media for the footy.

Sidenote: FITTED the only place made 3xl shirts since the first day they open. Big ups guys. Now if only i could get KICKS/HI to make them tres equis shirts!!!!
Double sidenote: Imagine if the commercial had a club banging beat…… know Slapp got them too……..make all the girls shake that booty………hahahahaha! Big ups!