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In this day and age everyone quick to show the haterade and whatnot(myself included). But maybe for the past year or so i’ve been trying to be more positive cus im just a worry wort and negative guy thinking most of the time things aint gonna go my way or whatever. I just expect the worst. But only lately have i been about letting people know what they mean to me and I also like when people tell me what i mean to them. Now i aint on some “im gonna die soon” or some crazy shit like that(although sometimes i think my world is mixed up and falling to shit….thank God i got Jesus……who knows what i would be without Him) but im pulling everyone’s card. Tell people you love them, you appreciate them, whattever! People easily pull out the haterade but what about the other side. As a collecter of handshakes, dap, hugs, and kisses i always feel more is better and i need to get my numbers up. I hope I tell you what you mean to me very soon. I hope you do the same. And give me a hug!

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