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Yeah i coulda photoshopped my badge but hey when you last minute…no camera…busted comp…stealing internet from work….you make do!

Yesterday I decided to work at the General Election for some koibito money and for my label whore(post was suppose to be first but i might do it later today or tomorrow) hobby. Well after a boring training day a few weeks back i had to wake up hella early and show up at 5:30am. But after running late and a long line at jack in the crack and hella expensive ice a shell(don’t ever by ice from them ever!!!) But after all was said and done we set up and huge rush of people at the 7am opening. Now this is my first time and there where choke people that were repeat workers. But they didn’t know what they was doing sometimes. Man i was worried. Then there were people jumping the gun doing things two steps ahead of themselves instead of finishing the task in front of them. With all that aside was kinda nice to see who lives in my current neighborhood of Kapolei. Seen the Lt. Governor. My Pastor Glen from New Hope Kapolei, DJ Revise, Style(shakafunk magazine soon come!) my entire street, the people that catch the 102 express in the morning and afternoon, my friends from Kahalu’u Andrea and Iwa, the old couple that walk to the store everyday, and a bunch of haole people that i never knew lived there. People need to leave their houses. I go Waikele and everyone walks around. I think i might move there. They got their fitness on lock. Not so many oompa loompa fatties so if the fatty goes there he gonna chameleon to the neighborhood and get even more sexy beast!!!!!
Well closing time couldn’t come too soon. During the day it was boring as fuck. But people kept snaking on anykine stuff…popcorn, candy, soda, kimchee, grapes, crackers, vienna sausage, you name it. I only brought breakfast jacks and water and juice. We pitched in and had a chinese food party during lunch. Big ups to my election chair! Was pretty interesting. I might do it again. Earned enough to buy another Koibito.

While there i couldn’t get phonecalls or read the paper or listen walkman or ipod or cd player nothing!!!! But fuck that when i be the best “name that tune” guy and God blessed me with the best internal iPod better than steve jobs could ever invent. I leave you now with the Lofa’s internal iPod playlist. Enjoy

1. R. Kelly/T.I./T-Pain- Flirt (Kapolei get mean chicks!)

2. Deuce-Dazzy Dukes(Video is wrong. not no 69 boys)self explanatory.

3.Common feat. Pharrel-Universal Mind Control(saw on BET and can’t get the beat out my head)

4.East Flatbush Projects-Tried by 12(make you say HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Make me wanna watch Kung Fu Flix)

5.Sizzla-Just one of those days(I was feeling sad…Dry Cry! HAHAHAHA)

6.Whitney Houston-I will always love you(No video. Just stuck in head. shitty!!!)

7.R. Kelly-Feelin on yo booty (wondering why i got so many r kelly songs. Watch the dave chappell’s pee on you song come next…hahaha)

8.N.E.R.D.-Happy (I ate lunch. SO HAPPY!)

9.Young Dro-Shoulder Lean (I love this song but don’t like Dro. Get it right! 2 Step and then ya shoda lean!)

10.Bob Marley-Kaya (I was feeling loopy after working a long day and sleepy. Wake up and turn I loose!)

ended the night with a shower, a quick pickup of some secret project from CkaweekS(read his blog. link in blogroll. He just left for japan. Konichiwa bitches!) and a zip pac with my friend Buttrpecan Desiree. Long day indeed.

Well that’s all for now. Big ups to Obama. I guess all this promotion helped. Let’s pray change really happen and Obama don’t get assassinated!

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