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Well its that time. The November issue of the 808 Scene Zine has arrived. Yeah they got an article on Ride or Die Movement. That’s not what this post is about. Its about my article LOFA SAYS! Now maybe a year long running now or so, 808SceneZine creator Katie asked if I would do the same kinda thing i do with Mr. J All Day on and just recap whats going around the “scene”. Now this months article came hella late cus i was having too much fun with Dave Choe and Harry Kim with their Dirty Hands tour. Turned it in late. Had on revise and i get to finally read my article and get a missing name, a missing period, and a long run on sentence that don’t make sense. HAHAHAHA Apologies to all. I kinda like having it and at the same time i never finish it on time. I also like being the black sheep in the zine where everyone else does rock and whatevers and i be the only backpacker. Well its free. Have a look if you see one. or download the pdf from

this months pdf is at

just got bad news that my deadline is next wed. im so not ready. and i gotta get the art spread from peekaboo. daym. why they wanna stick me for my paper.

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