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Well I finally got off during a day but i work tonight so lets get them blogs a blazing. One of the sites i check out on a regular is run by Anasarca and Joe Dub. Now they be digging in the creats hard and Joe be doing all kinds of work with everyone and your mom. He also doing another album with Ellay Khule and watch his newest album be the shit too. Did you get Joe’s Pooretry album. It’s saucy! HAHAHAA Anywho digging around the blog i found this youtube nugget of Lightsleeper and Rock Force Crew DJ Jus Jones aka Robot Jones aka Jus10 kicking it with some fellow djs. He got breaks for days!

Speaking of breaks one thing I always ask Jus10 is to bring me back when he comes home from frisco is a copy of Beginning Of The End’s Funky Nassau on wax. Well my homie Mike Rotch just came back from Cali with a personally favor for me from Amoeba records. I finally got it. Repress. But shit i got my first copy. Yo Jus i still need like 3 more copies.

This week has been pretty dope. Heard some breaks, got some breaks(thanks Rotch), went to a bboy battle monday, and also got the final ok for the next LIGHTSLEEPERS bboy battle. Merry Christmas early for me!

Don’t Sleep! COME TRUE!

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