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Sucken Race. Always taking Alicia’s pics and never bringing me any! And man i’ve been craving Hawaiian food for a while since Amber’s wedding(Sept. 21 daym! too long!) Well my homie Race and a few of his homies including my other homie Jason Shibata (yeah Kamehameha) decided to start up a new FREE magazine called CONTRAST Should be pretty dope. more info as it comes closer to release. But they got a nice little website with a blog and vids(did you watch the one with ARA? You know you guys perv on her! She’s hot and in a band and does dope events! Win!) and online articles too. If you have time check it out. And yeah a lot more homies are connected with it including MC5B doing vids and Kavet The Catalyst and Omega Cix doing interviews. And yeah my homies Angry Woebot and Mainframe did the first cover. And yeah i be working the street team. But just read it. Put it by the toilet and read when you dropping bombs. Have fun!

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