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Two post one day. Make up for days i slacked. Well this morning I met up with homie and teacher at the moment Kei to make up a class i missed for Solid Foundations that I’m almost done with. He suggested we meet at IHOP in Pearl City. I have never been to an IHOP other than the one time I went to the one in Anaheim next to Disneyland back in 10th grade i guess. But man is that place WAY BETTER THAN DENNY’S KUNIA!!!!!!!! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!! But I’m gonna be a regular more often for sure! I was stoked when I heard the rumors of them opening IHOP on O’ahu but first one in Waikiki and I rather go Rainbows instead of anything there. Second one in Kane’ohe but haven’t been there for ages since I moved away from Kahalu’u(I MISS YOU SO MUCH KU’U HOME!!!!!) but then again i would probably get cheese on a stick from Hot Dog on a stick. But Pearl City you got lock! When i used to live in Pacific Palisades there was nothing to eat anywhere. But I move and what happens? IHOP. You should check for yourselfs. Open 6-10 and till midnight on Friday Saturdays. Save money and visit the website at and print coupons so you save some cash like this one good till Nov. 30
click here and print screen.

Gets two thumbs up from the Sexy Beast named Lofa! Oh yeah i had that pecan coffee cake pancakes with eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and sausage. Winners.

Sometimes i think i would kill a toy blog, a food blog and a me blog but one blog about me is good enough.

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