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ADELE!!! Now don’t get it twisted i don’t love ALL her songs but shit i thought I liked that Sara Bareilles and got her cd and was nothing but ass! Big F U VH1 you otta know my ass. But I got caught watching chasing pavements from Adele. I liked it. Kinda sad(I hate sad shit for the moment but it sucks when its so good!) and downloaded the cd cus i no like spend no more money on crappy shit like the second Gnarls Barkley(what the fuck you thinking CeeLo/Dangermouse?) or Sara. Hoped it wasn’t another girl from the UK biting the girl thing of Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, or Estelle(shit they killing it out there huh?) But gave the cd a listen and to my surprize what do i find but a BBOY BREAK! YES!!!!! I SO NEED THIS ON WAX! Enjoy

and if you don’t have the cd “19” from Adele download here(mediafire) No worry she not local so can download but if she comes in concert maybe you should buy the cd from merch table. Yo BAMP you gonna make this happen????

And another song i like is this right as rain joint. live youtube version bellow

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