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Iguanas in the farmers market. Well no iguanas but every Sunday them Kapolei peeps get their produce shop on. I’ve been going every so often if I wake up in time. Them fools disappear like ninja vanish. But they sell anykinekine. Rambutans, papaya, onion, banana, filipino stuff, mongo beans, shrimp, peppers, you name it!
No iguanas but they got catfish. They live and feisty like a mofo!
But these guys be selling me the crack! Ye’s Pastry shop. They make anykine stuffs, lumpia, ensemada, puto, banana bread, butter mochi, fricken gangbusters!!!!! But they don’t do anything but the Kapolei market. No shop. Nothing. They bake in Waianae or Makaha or something early sunday and slang and that’s it. They sell out all the time.
But the only reason i go is this kryptonite bread. Dunno what they call it but i be handing over my money for the stuff. Softest in the world and super sick. Make some dope cheese sandwiches or strawberry jelly. Better than the St. Germain bread i usually rock but hand made by some cool Filipinos! You can go and support but no buy all the bread. Save me one….or two….and a bag of lumpia!

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