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and there you have the facts of life…the facts of life…TOOTIE!!!!!!
Man! Last night after actually getting stuff done and a small dog food run to walmart i actually SLAMMED MY PHONE IN MY CAR DOOR!!!! Man my phone is my life! I don’t have a land line. I didn’t write down anybody’s number. Good news is i can recieve calls. Bad news is i can barely find my numbers on addy book and no texting. Can’t even tell what time it is cus i don’t rock watches. That sucks. So i gotta raise money and get a new phone to replace my phone with a crack. Luckily I happen to have a fund raiser already in place. If you’re my homie I’m asking you to please help a Hawaiian out for just $20 bucks and in return I’ll give you a new Lightsleepers shirt! Or for $24 bucks i can get you the new Peekaboo shirt from his upcoming Hawaii art show instead! Please help! And as a bonus if you help in my fund raiser i’ll give you a call from my phone to yours just to say mahalo! You can paypal donations to or email me at Thanks in advance! God Bless! With love, me.

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