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How’s this pic of a turkey made of Mac and Cheese and formed using a jello mold! winners!

Anywho i’ve been feeling pretty shitty the past couple days. Trying to fight it off so i can play some poker tonight but fuck i’ve been not myself. Went to work early and instead of rocking the internet i got a cardboard box and knocked out on the floor. Shitty too cus i need money. Oh well. Lord please help me get better!

Well i guess since i’ve been feeling shitty and passed out in my Aiea office aka. Mike Rotch’s hale i decided to do my Turkey Day post. Turkey Day is pretty cherry for me. Turkey rice stuffing gravy and noodles. Get to kick it with my filipino family (i always have a good time at nana’s house). Hardly see my hawaiian chinese japanese oloolo squash family for turkey day. Anywho with there being construction at the house i don’t think turkey cooking for me will go down (i rock mean turkeys! Since the days of Schlotszky’s once i leared i’ve cooked one every year. this year i gonna rock one too…might not be turkey day but i gonna rock one before christmas). But turkey day still rules. Stuffing rules too!

Thanksgiving is a time to say Thanks Jesus for what you thankful for(should be thankful everyday…then maybe we eat more stuffing…and turkey….HAHAHAHAH…reward for being thankful=turkey and stuffing with gravy!) Well here’s my list of things im thankful for at the moment.

*My friends and family-been a tough time for me and peoples true colors really seem to show who’s down and who’s not. I would like to be down for others too and not so much just watching out for myself. Hardly see my family but they support me no matter what. And if i didn’t have good friends i think life would suck (ex.JESUS, ktc, my small group, mr.j, rotch, NEECOLE!, she, christina, dez, newk, timer, bucky, pfom, the homies and haters on the ls boards! if you not listed don’t mean you not important. i just wanted to put some examples fool!)

*My car-Yeah i hit two other cars with it and its dirty as fuck but with all the bad past cars and the lifetime of rocking the bus im truely thankful. Sometimes i want to offer people in my neighboorhood rides instead of catching bus when i see them at bus stop and they going pretty much same place but i think would be weird if you don’t know them like that.

*The fact i live hawaii-Wouldn’t have it any other way! If only Hawaiian food wasn’t so expensive and i could own a house….and a second beach house in Nalo where Keoki could watch and i could get smoke meat down the road.

*My life isn’t as bad as other people have it-I’ve been sick all day and watching crappy shows like Maury and homeboy slept with 30 women and his wife’s mom and he wants to work shit out. I feel bad cus pussy make you do crazy things! Then i get interrupted with a news bulletin that terrorists killing haoles and foreigners in India. That sucks. Then watching celeb rehab and people being addicted to drugs with no hope. Super sad. And you might think its stupid to do drugs or whatevers but if its something hard to walk away from you do stupid shit wether it be drugs, terrorism for power and/or money, or sleeping with 30 women that aint your wife…and her mom!(Yo wives you better be giving it up on demand! Homeboy might be horny but better he gets it from you then your mom! Headache my ass! Give some! And a steak! HAHAHAHAHA)

*finally thankful for everyone that reads this blog/my article on 808scenezine/and or my homie Mr. J and I’s people don’t have to give a fuck what i’m doing or what i write but people take the three minutes from their day to come here or the other media forms to see my opinions, thoughts, whatnots. I don’t care if you read to hate on me or you read cus you trying to steal my style or you read cus you love me(i hope you love me! that would be most choice!) But im thankful for your 3 minutes period!

That’s all i can think of for now. Black Friday gonna be a trip! Catch me Waikele at midnight(maybe) then pearlridge doing crowd control at prototype till 11 then being a problem at Kicks/Hi!!!!(I don’t care who you is friend or foe don’t buy them size 13 air max anythings!)

Happy Turkey Day! If you sick of leftovers bring some so i don’t have to buy lunch! And if you think you make the dopest stuffing or gravy proove it(one day im gonna have a stuffing and gravy contest!)

With love, Lofa!

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