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Well first off Merry Christmas to all of you. Hope you had a great one. For some reason the spot i’ve been stealing Road Runner from is hella janky so i haven’t been able to post nothing. Internet at home needed badly. Anywho this year I told myself I would do the Honolulu City Lights thing at Honolulu Hale. Yeah i did it. Was pretty fun and small kine shitty at the same time but if you rock it with the right people you can have a blast!
Santa and the Mrs., with me and my misses.

This snowglobe was dope cus had the bear holding a salmon. mean!
Small kine interactive. Push button. Make snow. Nice!

I’ma Lightsleeper!

I’ve been trying super long to get a penny or something to land on the straw. No luck. At least the money goes to next years lights. Bulbs be expensive!

Yeah they had rides for the keikis and Papa Johns slanging pizza but i was spent real early. So i jumped in the car and rolled to Kapolei Hale to see what was happening over there. They was closed at 6 so I missed out but they had a better Christmas tree even though was smaller and santa’s sled with Rudolph outside. Next.

So i seen this spot on tv. Now being a Kahalu’u boy nothing will ever beat Christmas Lane over there past Temple Valley(even the one by windward city shopping center’s christmas lane can’t beat it but getting close…E for effort!) but this Hanapa’a St. in Kapolei is pretty legit. Choke houses lit up. They had their own radio station broadcasting the official street christmas music where you could tune your radio and jam the same songs the houses was rocking. They even had hot chocolate with mini marshmellows. And for brownie points they collected donations for Lokahi(they all year not just christmas

Each house rocking the decorations hardcore. Some super detailed. Main thing!

This guys house was the shits! He had a heiny green bottle tree in the front with a train going around the bottom and both the tree and his house lights were synchronized to the christmas music off the radio station. Next level shit!

Well that’s my christmas lights story. Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Now its fireworks time. I just bought my first round of ammo. Soon to go back. Game on bitches! And don’t make no fucken sparkler bombs. That’s shit is stupid. Drop some cash and rock some 3″ Salutes fool!

Happy Holidays! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! God Bless! With love, Lofa.

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