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Monthly Archives: December 2008


Well i apologize if I have been slacking but a new set of priorities have come up! A new season approaches as i plan to improve myself and my situations in life. Time to press hard and achieve the goals! Please feel free to call me if you ever need anything. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in the past as well as the people holding me up right now, i apreciate and love all of you!

I wanted you to have a pic so here’s Jesus. It’s his birthday coming soon. I need him greatly.

The Lightsleepers Pop Up Store is still open! Buy a painting, a print, and a shirt! And say hi to Christina!

With love, Lofa

PS. I laff that Hillary Duff has a perfume called With Love after i decide to start using that. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Jesus loves you too!


Come down! See you today!


SUNDAY Dec.14 2008
12-4 PM
Lightsleepers x Exclusive x Peekaboo Monster shirts

Music provided by DJ PACKO!

Yeah it rained last night but here’s your chance to see peeks again! Say hi!

Don’t Sleep! Come True!

See you tonight!!!!



hopefully Ralphy will come through for me!!! And PAULIE!!!!!


So my homie Peekaboo Monster just arrived from the Vinyl Toy Network in LA to Honolulu just to rock the Lightsleepers Pop Up store. He has a few of the Pocket Full Of Monsters shirts he’s trying to sell to make some spending money before the show. So to help him out i’m selling his PFOM Glow in the dark versions(shit i don’t even have one) that are super limited for $30. Call me at 808-222-9284 if you want one. Help a homie buy a platelunch. And no they WON’T BE ON SALE AT THE PEEKABOO MONSTER ART SHOW!! Hurry and get one today! Mahalo!

Good thing about the christmas season is that there’s good movies on cable. Yeah its weird watching Forty Year Old Virgin with them pixilating nipples but showing boobs but hey if they can do it on Girls Next Door i guess its good for a movie! Anywho they had a whole Harry Potter marathon with clips from the new movie “Half blood prince”. Good thing about books is that you don’t have to read, just wait for the movie! And then i’m sick that Harry doesn’t move on Cho but tries to rock Jenny????? WTF!!!!! Well i gotta wait till July i guess.

PS. Harry is way better than some gay vampires, keep your twilight….i aint watching that for nothing!!!!

Just to let you know if you’ve been sick and hiding like me the guys at decided to let me have a blog over there as well as my “Lofa Says” Column every month. Thanks guys. Well i still am missing a lot of peoples phone numbers due to my car door slamming.

And tomorrow is the big day of the Lightsleepers Pop Up Store opening. Open through Dec. 30 come through and buy a shirt! Free Red Bull and music provided by DJ Observ. Thanks for the support. With love, Lofa

Yeah i know i’ve been sick for a few days and im sorry if i havent returned your calls or whatevers. I felt like shit and wasn’t my normal. But im back to the grind. Happy Birthday Lucy! If you didn’t know i got a thing for hot asian women (Chinese ones too!!!!) But can you believe she’s forty????? I hope i look that good 10 years from now.