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Monthly Archives: January 2009

I dunno what the deal is but Craig Ferguson has been rocking puppets for a few shows. I dunno what im doing up so late anyways. Just watch and enjoy! With love, Lofa


i can go twice as high. Take a look. My girls bukbuk! Reading rainbow!

Practice what you preach. Well a few post ago i told you go download the 2009 Action Plan from Suze Orman from the antichrist Oprah’s site. I did and tried to print 209 pages. Said F that and i went borders website, downloaded 20% off coupon online and bought for $8. Well here’s me reading at Beatroot 6/6. I finally finished it. Fastest i ever read a non picture book. Nice. Good info. Get your finances right! 2009! Victorious year. And no you can’t have my copy.

Don’t say i didn’t tell you about it. This is an invite only art show. I don’t know you don’t come then. If you like come email right now. not 5 minutes before party. Booya!


Last night while we was not home Chibi was the proud mother to give birth to 4 puppies. One didn’t make it. That ups our total to 7 dogs. Kita, Muffin, Chibi, Sabretooth, and three to be givin names soon. CHEE HU!


Well this weekend has been really eye opening for me. Started to file taxes to get my stuff together so i can get grants for school that i just started Wednesday. Finally closed out Beatroot qualifiers with KTC followed by a Dunny Trading party. Started planing for Inertia and some secret plots coming soon. Celebrated Chinese New Years on friday. Wiped out my past transgressions and genealogical curses. Went to Bishop Museum sunday. And on my way to moving Kahalu’u. How was your weekend. My week only gets more hectic but watch me murder it!

Saturday i had transformations. Not like video. more like picture. Video is for your enjoyment.

Here’s the speaking truth part. Jesus said “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.” John 15:7 Here’s my asking and claiming it comes through in Jesus’ name. If it does how amazing would that be. Maybe you might get convicted too.

I’m asking for $54,000- $20,000 to pay my credit card off, $34,000 for a down payment on a house.

Wrote it as my way of claiming it. I believe its gonna happen and you gonna be shocked(and hopefully moved). God loves to answer prayers. This is just one of mine. Can’t wait to look back and link this post to it and say “look i asked and HE answered!”


Take a look at todays TGIF section in the Honolulu Advertiser for this article about Chinese New Years. Here’s a snipit of do’s and don’ts from the article.

Do’s and don’t’s on Chinese New Year’s Day
The Lum family’s list of rules:
DO wear brand new clothes, and if the clothes are red, all the better. Children should wear new clothes and new shoes.
DO give two li see to each child. Don’t just give one envelope — it is believed that happiness comes in twos.
DO greet each other with “Kung hee fat choy,” which means that you wish each other prosperity and wealth.
DON’T wash your hair.
DON’T sweep the floor.
DON’T greet people who are in mourning.
DON’T drop your chopsticks.
DON’T say the number “four,” which is a Chinese homonym for “death,” or talk about death at all.
DON’T borrow or lend money.

Well tonight is Chinatown’s Open house where they block off the road and blast buttloads of firecrackers and release the lions. Man sometime i wish i was in a kung fu school so i could rep hard but then again i no like get locked down the entire month doing lion dancing at stores and malls. Here’s some videos. one is hawaii. one is Malaysia. no joke. serious business.

Here’s the serious business part. but they troopers man. get up and back at it! KUNG HEE FAT CHOY!

Man too much stuffs going on! Here you go. No words. PS. Super stoked i got to hear my shout out from CAMILE VELASCO when she did earthbound radio! big ups to Norm, Jaba, and the whole crew in San Diego! I be there July!

Beatroot tonight! FREE!

Angry Woebot live painting

Dunny trading party (BUY MY TOYS!)

Seen this article at my Aiea office this morning. Chinese lions and queens. NICE!

While reading the article it said that Narcissus Queen Lisa Wong painted this Bruce Lee for her talent portion. Now living in Hawai’i everyone expects you to dance hula (cus unless its a hula comp who gonna really know what is ok hula next to great hula specially if you hot. The horny judge not gonna be watching your hands unless he’s mahu!) but i appreciate some new talent that’s different but sometimes it backfires when its like poetry reading or jazz dancing. How come nobody does magic trick??? anywho she did LIVE SPEEDPAINTING! wondering if there was a video of it that some proud father or family member took existed i looked and what do you know. for your enjoyment. Kung Hee Fat Choy. Lions and Fireworks this friday saturday and sunday. 1/26/09 is Chinese New Years year of Ox.

I truly regret not being there. Would pay more to be there than watch BJ Penn vs. GSP. Forget trendy, Obama’s the pres. God Bless him, and all of us.

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