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Sideroad Records live in Hawaii from Sharks & Rays on Vimeo.

While starting to do my blog about missing pants loops with your belts and a sag/swagger(i might post tomorrow about that….who knows what my mind will spit out about that) i came across the video that homie Luke aka. Mc5b the abunai azn queen chick magnet did for soul clap(super sick! watch um on vimeo) i came across this old video he shot of Sideroads records homies Def 3, Factor, Kay the Aquanaut, and Forgetful Jones alongside SF Hawaiian Joe Dub doing their thing at Trip The Lights in the Rred Elephant (livicated!) Now Mc5b be busy with Uncle Murdles Hale and Sharks and Rays and the Jumpoffs and modeling for Olde Ivory he also happens to the video guy for Contrast Magazine and an OG Lightsleeper.

But this post is just to beg him to hurry up with the tumor video!

Big shout outs to the other video heads down with LS-Darius@Network Projects, Gerard Elmore(All For Melissa, Hiff openning vid with Kelly HU!!!!), Kelii@Kai Media(did you see the woes video he did for HI Surveillance?), and Zero@Oceanic…. eh we like shoot vids cus! Email us! And if you shoot and edit videos too email us at!!!!!

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