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Well about a month after i came back from San Diego Comic Con and still hungry for Filippi’s Baked Rigatoni and 4 Sausage!!!! the homies from Guttasnipe Gang rolled through my work to check out what Hawaii stores be like. They were really cool cats and was talking about how they made boogie monsters bboy crew stickers that said ALOHA on them. Anywho right before christmas they asked if I would post up on their christmas wish list blog. Finally got a chance to see it. Never did their new years resolution one cus i was too late to send one. Here you go.
Check them out at and read their blog on I be back in San Diego in July. Access. 5&A Dime. Filippi’s. Homegrown Blends. Gaslamp. Subtext. Armory. Petco. Guttasnipe. BOOYA!

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