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Ok i never go farmers market. I went First Fridays. Pretty weird but ok. My mayor Mufi had his inauguration with a block party right around the corner from the Angry Woebots show. wow.
My mayor likes to party all the time party all the time party all the time!
Sen. Akaka likes to party all the time too maybe. At least he’s down to slum it up with the rest of us.(Yo Juando-SLUM 8×10!)
In front of Timer’s show they had these horse rides. This horse wasn’t having it and was gonna go apeshit.

Nananananananana Batman-tis! Art at Marks Garage was having this show featuring photos from Archipelago and Remains of a Rainbow. Sick stuff. Felt wierd taking pics of pics. Maybe the artist get mad. And they made Archipelago into a book. I just might buy um. Mean fish and bird pics! art show info here

Timer aka Angry Woeobt aka Windward Ox aka Malasada Martin aka “Fool where’s my custom Teddy Troopers” had a show at Nu’uanu gallery. I aint writing nothing about it. Just go if you like. Maybe he post on his site. He had sick tshirts for sale too. Too bad i don’t rock American Apparel blanks.
Jake the Snakesucka was back in town. Meanmuggin with Perfect Median getting ready for the BLUE SCHOLARS SHOW I MISSED CUS I NEVER KNEW ABOUT IT TILL LAST MINUTE AFTER I MADE PLANS WITH MY LADY! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully Jake making scrilla to do some shows and bring down more people(no he never bring Blue Scholars but BAMP did and Schwazy is GAY! And BAMP bringing Aesop Rock! NICE!)

Then i made my way down to Ong King to check out the Feo show with Nabahe Fidhel and Meathead. I like the art but never been a big fan of the spot. Everytime i miss Heshams spot down the hall but i like the walk there cus you get to see all the tags and stuff. I feel bad cus somebody lives in that grimey part of chinatown yet everyone treats that place like shit and there’s chronics everywhere. Too bad APB wasn’t open.

Well hope you liked my First Friday of January. I was originally gonna post Pandas and Elephants and Horses at First Friday but then i was like make it more about the animals. Then i was like First Fridays more like Farm Fair. Then i got the Farmers Market of The Beast song in my head. Ape shit silly, willy wonka totally bonkers. Watch the live video. Wonder if KTC ever seen this. He watch a lot of youtubes.

PS. I never take too many pics cus fuck you should actually GO to a show and support homies. Second my camera kinda sucks ass but it does the dirty deeds! With love, LOFA!

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