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Man i tell you all this economy stuff makes me worry but also makes me stoked cus the people that really hustle gonna be ok. But if you lazy and aint got your ish together you gonna be hurting. Now with Costco opening in a few months in Kapolei im kinda stoked cus i could get a cheap hotdog or caesar salad and pump some gas(yeah i know but the guys that WORK at the Chevron refinery said just buy some Techron from Checkers or whatevers every 3 months or so and should be ok). Well while taking my TB test in Waipio i stopped by Costco there and they promoting BIGGER hot dogs and polish sausages. Same price. Wonder if Sam’s putting the squeeze on them. Heard you gotta be a member to buy food at Sam’s but i haven’t been there for a while so i not sure(if you went email me the actual info).

But this post is suppose to be about finances. I recently started watching this Suze Orman lady cus her show where people call and say they wanna buy something or go on a trip and they let her know what kinda cash they have and assets and debt and whatnot. Then she says if they can afford it or not. So many stupid people in America. Well Oprah the “I need Jesus but follow the Secret and have premaritals” lady with all the power is getting America back on track with their health and whatnot. She had Suze Orman talk about how to get your finances back on track. Suze also wrote a book called the 2009 Action Plan. I seen it at Borders and was gonna buy it ($10) but waited. Good news is OPRAH letting people download it for FREE this week at I say buy um anyways cus i tried to print it out and that thing is 209 pages long. The book looks smaller and easier than printing yourself but if you Chang like me just read the pdf(i dunno if you can save it to your desktop or something). And check out Suze website at for more updates as the economy gets better or worse. If you do follow the plan(I haven’t read it so i can’t endorse it yet) and it works then good. If you follow and it don’t work as long as you didn’t loose money its ok. If you don’t do anything and the plan works but you still broke then its all you homie! Be proactive! Here’s to a Victorious 2009!

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