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While waking up looking for a place to recycle my empty HI-5 bottles and cans couldn’t find nobody open at 8:30. But the Shell station in Aiea open 7am-6pm everyday. Nice. But what you gonna do with $20 bucks of recycle cash at 8:30am????? BREAKFAST! Back to Koa Pancake House(man i love that place….but mitsu ken might give it good rubs! WHATTUP JUNO!!!!) Anywho i get to work and guess what? NO FORK! But i had a knife. And being too lazy to ask Robeks for a spoon i decided to challenge myself and murder a portagee sausage cheese omelet with fried rice all with a plastic butter knife. I did it no problem but felt like a hobo. Or like the bad guy in Dennis the Menis that ate all the beans in a can with his knife. Or like Captain Jack Sparrow? Lunch gonna be something i eat with hashi!

PS. this pic is classic. I gonna use it every time i gotta write Koa Pancake House anything untill i take my own dope pic!

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